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2014 Goods Donation Drive

As a Nicaraguan, my roots have always called me, however in 2014 they called me for something different, to help. Because it hurts to know that there’s so many hardworking men, women, kids, and grandparents who have so little to give to themselves and to each other. For these reasons I wanted to ship our unused goods to the people in need of Nicaragua.

On the first year for the Goods Donation Drive, my uncle took me to a place called “La Chureca”. Over 400 families currently reside at La Chureca by living of the waste collected. On day of the drive, we save many from sorting through those leftover items, as they were given book bags, clothes, shoes, toys, bed covers, candy, pencils and many other goods donated by you.

Here are a couple of images from the December 2014 Goods Donation Drive.

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