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2015 Goods Donation Drive

Following up the success of the 2014 Goods Donation Drive, the second year of the donation drive (2015) collected a vast amount of unused goods. In spite of the huge success, 2015 donation drive was particularly difficult one for me. I had many obstacles, from being able to afford the delivery of the goods to actually acquiring the goods from Customs. At the Nicaragua Customs they were giving us a very difficult time trying to get the donated goods out, but we did and everyone was so happy for it. We visited many different areas outside the capital giving away tons of clothes and shoes for all ages! The gofundme page really helped gather the funds to make this donation drive happen. All the monetary donations we received made a difference and went to accomplishing this feat. Thank you to all that help.

Here are a few images from the 2015 Goods Donation Drive.

We even decided to throw a little piñata in a very poor neighborhood to bring some happiness to the kids. The block was closed off for them to be able to play and participate safely.

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